Balvenie – #24×24

It’s scary how many product launches happen around the festive season. Even though we expect to see lots of new bottlings appearing ready for the Christmas rush, this year has seen a surprisingly large number. However, nestled among the various … Continue reading >>

Spirit of Hven – the appliance of science

With all the romance of whisky, it’s easy to forget that distilleries are, in essence, factories, and production is just cold, hard science. One distillery that takes an extraordinarily scientific approach is Sweden’s Spirit of Hven (pronounced ‘veen’). Distiller and … Continue reading >>

Christmas gift packs – the Grinch’s choice

I’ll be honest. Christmas is my least enjoyable time of year. It’s cold, dark for two-thirds of the day, and my favourite TV programmes are on at different times, ruining my routine – I’m the Grinch of the office. In light of this, the … Continue reading >>

Sherry casks part three: what goes into a sherry cask?

[You can find the first two parts of this series at: What was a sherry cask? and What is a sherry cask?] In the last post, I talked about how the type of wood that makes up a cask has a … Continue reading >>

The Whisky Exchange Tasting Book – chapter and verse

If you’re a whisky fan, it’s highly likely you jot down the occasional tasting note or two. Tasting notes are the perfect way to keep track of the whiskies you’ve tasted and when. And keeping a record of them is … Continue reading >>

Christmas Delivery Cut-off Dates 2014

As you may have noticed, Christmas is rapidly approaching. That means that the world’s postal services start groaning at the seams and deliveries start slowing down. To make sure you get your parcel by 25 December, make sure you order before … Continue reading >>

Spirit and Whisky of the Year 2014-15

It’s strange how quickly something becomes a yearly tradition. It’s only the second time we’ve given our Whisky and Spirit of the Year awards, but it already feels like a festive fixture. The core idea was the same as last … Continue reading >>

Sherry casks part two: what is a sherry cask?

[If you missed it, here’s part one: What was a sherry cask?] These days, the vast majority of sherry casks used to mature Scotch whisky are specifically built for the whisky industry. They are still usually constructed in the same way … Continue reading >>

The Whisky Exchange Golden Ticket giveaway – it could be you!

‘I think,’ he said quietly, ‘I think … I’ll have just one more of those chocolate bars. The same kind as before, please.’ ‘Why not?’ the fat shopkeeper said, reaching behind him again and taking another Whipple-Scrumptious Fudgemallow Delight from … Continue reading >>

Festive Malt of the Month – Port Askaig 19 Year Old

December’s Malt of the Month certainly fits the criteria – a stunning whisky that is often overlooked – Port Askaig 19 Year Old Cask Strength. Introduced by independent bottler Speciality Drinks in 2009, the range is named after Islay’s main … Continue reading >>

The Fine Spirits and Whisky Advent Calendar 2014

We’ve been fighting it, but now December’s upon us, it is officially Almost Christmas. With this curious state of being comes a number of things: tinsel becomes more appropriate, Christmas songs become legitimate radio fodder, and we launch our (now) yearly … Continue reading >>

Sherry casks part one: what was a sherry cask?

Once you start getting into whisky, one of the first things you notice is the various types of cask that the spirit is matured in. While they all have their own distinctive character, the most common question we get asked … Continue reading >>