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It’s Black Friday, yet again. The strange, American-exported shopping holiday, packed with deals and occasional scrums in department stores. We’re not fans of fighting over whisky, so have again – for a 6th year – selected a great dram to pop up on our website at an excellent price, released at 6am GMT to give everyone around the world a chance to grab a bottle.

This year’s dram is…drum roll please…a 16-year-old whisky from Caol Ila distillery.

Black Friday whisky range

The complete Black Friday range from The Whisky Exchange – six great whiskies

Over the years we’ve bottled some great drams in the Black Friday range, starting with a 16-year-old Glenfarclas and then moving on through an18-year-old unnamed (it’s not Scapa) Orkney, a 21-year-old Glenburgie, a 22-year-old Ardmore and an unknown (we really don’t know where it’s from) 22-year-old Speyside.

Joining that illustrious group for 2022 we have a 16-year-old whisky from Caol Ila, distilled in 2006.

Black Friday 2022 – Caol Ila 2006 16 Year Old

It’s a classic whisky from Caol Ila, producer of many of my very favourite modern Islay whiskies. It sits on the dividing line between the two styles I find from the distillery – young and feisty, and mature and mellow – with the sea spray and some of the peatiness of a younger dram allied with the softened smoke, depth of flavour and fruit of an older whisky. It’s a vatting of a few casks, with an outturn of 2000 bottles, and is bottled at full batch strength of 53.2%

Nose: Smouldering green leaves and a side of smoke lead – mint and tarragon with a touch of maple-cured bacon. Sweet pastry pokes through the smoke, followed by apple and pear pies, roasted pineapple, singed oranges, chocolate lime sweets and a handful of wine gums. Tarry ropes and briny hints hide at the back.

Palate: Coal dust and peat fires jump out of the glass, diving into sharp apple, more chocolate limes and liquorice. Meaty notes sit in the middle – sweet bacon and burnt edges. Green leaves, soft spice and the wine gums from the nose slowly develop, with the spice building alongside the fruit. There’s a burst of crashing-wave ozone and iodine and then a descent into tar and chocolate.

Finish: Green and briny at first with building cocoa, lime and sharp apple. Oatcakes and rye crackers build alongside anise and mint imperials.

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It’s available from 6am on Black Friday 2022, 25 November 2022, and costs just £94.95 per bottle. Based on previous years, we don’t think it will last long. Grab a bottle or two, and let us know what you reckon.

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