Vulson White Rhino Rye – Alpine spirit


Every now and then, a new product arrives at TWE that really excites us – unique, with a great back story, or simply an interesting concept. So, when we heard about the release of a…

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Kininvie – a long-overdue solo appearance


  There was much excitement when William Grant launched Batch One from Kininvie to the Taiwanese market in the autumn of 2013, the first-ever release from this off-the-radar distillery. But now, UK whisky drinkers have…

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The Science and Commerce of Whisky – a book review


While there are numerous books about whisky, there are surprisingly few about how to make it, and even fewer about how the whisky industry itself looks at whisky as a thing to be sold. There…

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Dramboree 2014 – Loch Lomond and a bottle of Ledaig


Strangely, the UK has fewer whisky festivals than elsewhere in the world. While we have more than 100 of the most famous distilleries in the world sitting north of the Scots border, it’s on the…

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Tincup – Colorado whiskey from Indiana


American whiskey is booming. From the rye explosion (an explosion in popularity, rather than an actual detonation) a few years back to the huge number of craft distilleries appearing all over the USA, American whiskey…

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TWE Tasting – The Magnificent Seven


If there’s one thing TWE’s whisky guru Duncan Ross loves as much as whisky, it’s westerns. So when he got the chance to talk about both at our latest tasting at Vinopolis, it’s fair to…

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¡National Tequila Day!


Pretty much every day of the year is (Inter)national X day for a variety of values of X, from pillow fights to mine awareness and osteoperosis to gin. Somewhere hidden in that range is Tequila and…

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Kummel – calming those first-tee nerves


There are many things that work together. Some need no explanation: soap and water, meat and potatoes or fish and chips; some are a little more obscure – Danny DeVito and Arnie, ham and Coca-Cola,…

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Glen Moray – Elgin's hidden gem


With around 100 active whisky distilleries in Scotland, it’s inevitable that some get overlooked. One underrated distillery is Glen Moray. The distillery’s range is prominent in supermarkets, but has managed to stay under the radar of the…

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Cabana Cachaca – Brazilian flair in a glass


The Brazilian football team may have struggled to convince so far in the World Cup, but there’s no denying the spectacle their fans have brought to the tournament – a blast of colour, noise and…

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