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An avid whisky fan, Tom cut his teeth as social media golem in the travel industry before developing an enduring desire to express himself in more than two-sentence snippets. Freed of those syllabic shackles, he pursues a campaign of rampant alliteration across the TWE blog, website and media channels.

The Geography of Rum

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Or; Exploring Rum – X Marks the Tot Given its hugely diverse nature – in terms of flavour, geography and production methods – rum has, over the years, proven notoriously difficult to classify, regulate and,…

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What kind of rum are you?

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WHAT KIND OF RUM ARE YOU? Historically, rum has been defined by its colour – white, golden and dark. Colour can be misleading though, and offers no real indication of character or flavour. With the…

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Cognac vs Whisky – an eaux-de-ssey

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Two of the world’s most historic and heritage-rich spirits, Scotch single malt whisky and Cognac, have evolved in distinct – and wildly different – directions. Equally, both have experienced oscillating levels of status and popularity…

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Novelty Bottles – Valentine’s Day Edition

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Here we are again, once more dipping our toes into the rich, bubbling pool of silliness provided to us by the wilder elements within the world of drinks. Looking for something… distinctive, this Valentine’s Day?…

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Christmas Novelties

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Ahhh, Christmas: a time for family, food, good cheer and annoying singing Santa… ornaments? Are they ornamental? Are they toys? Singing Santas, anyway. And somehow all the silliness only contributes to the overall atmosphere of…

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Amrut – Nectar of the Gods with Ashok Chockalingam

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In a bust-up for the dubious honour of ‘most mysterious and least-known major whisky-producing nation’ it is, by my reckoning, a straight-up two-way tussle between India and Taiwan – Japan and England having now backed away into relative…

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My First Whisky Show

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Last weekend marked The Whisky Exchange’s 10th annual Whisky Show. I went along for, rather shamefully, the first time – and had my preconceptions utterly annihilated. The first – perhaps point-of-this-post-defeating – statement I’d like…

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South African Gin and Tonic

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So, you love gin. We know how you feel – we’re partial to a G&T too. Or a Negroni, or a Martini… And for gin lovers, the last 18 months have been fantastic – never…

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