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An avid whisky fan, Tom cut his teeth as social media golem in the travel industry before developing an enduring desire to express himself in more than two-sentence snippets. Freed of those syllabic shackles, he pursues a campaign of rampant alliteration across the TWE blog, website and media channels.

Amrut – Nectar of the Gods with Ashok Chockalingam

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In a bust-up for the dubious honour of ‘most mysterious and least-known major whisky-producing nation’ it is, by my reckoning, a straight-up two-way tussle between India and Taiwan – Japan and England having now backed away into relative…

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My First Whisky Show

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Last weekend marked The Whisky Exchange’s 10th annual Whisky Show. I went along for, rather shamefully, the first time – and had my preconceptions utterly annihilated. The first – perhaps point-of-this-post-defeating – statement I’d like…

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South African Gin and Tonic

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So, you love gin. We know how you feel – we’re partial to a G&T too. Or a Negroni, or a Martini… And for gin lovers, the last 18 months have been fantastic – never…

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