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No more peaty whisky from Islay


Peat. Yesterday.

Fans of Islay whisky should brace themselves for a stormy future. We’ve got our hands on some research that will strike terror into the hearts of peat heads: peat on Islay will run out by…

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Whisky vs whiskey – the differences explained


Whisky or Whiskey?

Ever wondered why distillers can’t agree on one basic thing: how to spell the liquid they make? Take a look at your drinks cupboard now, and it’s likely there’ll be at least one bottle with…

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Nikka Japanese whisky – one man’s dream


Masataka Taketsuru

Japanese whisky has never been more popular, winning awards left, right and centre as well as offering Scotch drinkers an alternative – but not radical departure – in flavour. Recently I met Nikka’s Didier Ghorbanzadeh…

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Upcoming whisky festivals – tickets on sale now!


Upcoming Festivals

March is the month when the UK whisky festival calendar starts up again. From here until October the schedule is pretty full, with shows up and down the country from Bristol to Speyside. As you might expect,…

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NAS whisky – Diageo speaks out


Nick Morgan

When I told Diageo’s Nick Morgan that I’d like to discuss the subject of No Age Statement (NAS) whisky, there was a roll of the eyes and a rather weary sigh. This reaction is explained…

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Exclusive Hanyu – another reason to visit Roka and Zuma


Roka Zuma Hanyu

There have been a number of rare whiskies appearing from Hanyu recently, and we’ve had our eye on a very limited release bottled by TWE’s sister company Speciality Drinks Ltd. This isn’t on general release, having been exclusively…

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St Patrick’s Day experiment – a DIY Irish cream recipe


Irish Cream

St Patrick’s Day is upon us. I will be hiding in my flat tonight, avoiding streets thronged with green-clad drinkers throwing Guinness at each other as they swap foam shamrock hats and look for the…

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Irish Distillers tasting – rock the vote


Billy Leighton

‘The public gets what the public wants’ sang Paul Weller in 1980’s Going Underground. We agree, so at our latest tasting at Vinopolis we gave our customers a chance to choose a special Irish whiskey…

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The Unseen Bar and the lesser-spotted Glenmorangie 1963


The Glenmorangie Unseen Bar

Pop-up whisky bars are all the rage in London these days. They’re a great chance for distilleries to actually speak to whisky fans and for those same fans to try some interesting drams. From today…

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In Their Own Words – Alan Winchester, Master Distiller, The Glenlivet


Alan Winchester

Alan Winchester is one of most respected names in Scotch whisky. He has worked in a multitude of roles in the business, and was appointed master distiller of The Glenlivet in 2009. With the arrival…

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Linkwood – my first love


Linkwood in the 1950s

The Whisky Exchange’s old and rare buyer, Michael Wilder, has a confession to make. He only has eyes for Linkwood… I’ve been with TWE for more than five years and have held a number of…

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Rocky does Rock Town


Rock Town Logo

Arkansas isn’t the first state one thinks of for whisky production: half of its counties are ‘dry’, which prohibits the sale of alcohol; it’s illegal to drink in a public place or private car (even…

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