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Laphroaig 15 Year Old – let the celebrations begin


Laphroaig 15 Year Old

If you’ve looked at a bottle of Laphroaig over the past few years, then you probably know why 2015 is a big year for the distillery – founded in 1815, as they proudly state on their labels,…

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Midleton Dair Ghaelach – if you go down to the woods today…


Irish Oak

Whisky drinkers are well versed in the effect the choice of cask has on the spirit. American oak (usually ex-bourbon) adds notes of vanilla and toffee, while Spanish sherry casks deliver rich, nutty, fruit and…

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Bowmore – a totally tropical journey (part 2)



In part one of this series, Ollie looked at the golden era of Bowmore whiskies. He now turns his attention to the 1980s and beyond, beginning with a tricky period for the distillery… 1980s For many…

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Whisky Fight Night: Brawl at the Bridge – tickets on sale now!


Whisky Fight Night 3

The Whisky Exchange Shop at Vinopolis hosts lots of great events. However, there’s one pair of presenters who stand out from the crowd when it comes to putting on an evening to remember, creating tastings that…

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Chris Cusiter – ‘Whisky is something Scotland can be proud of’


Chris Cusiter

Scottish rugby international Chris Cusiter talks to TWE about his new-found love of whisky, this year’s World Cup, and his post-career plans. What do you like about whisky? I love it; I love everything about…

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Hedonism Quindecimus – Happy 15th Birthday, Compass Box!


Hedonism Quindecimus

The Whisky Exchange and boutique whisky blender Compass Box have a few things in common: we started out from one person’s idea, we’re based in west London and we have fewer employees than most people assume….

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Bowmore – a totally tropical journey


Bowmore Distillery

During a recent trip, I was very fortunate to try a plethora of once-in-a lifetime drams from the oldest distillery on Islay: Bowmore. Outside of the big-name investment whiskies such as the Black Bowmore trilogy…

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In their own words – Mark Thomson, UK Brand Ambassador, Glenfiddich


Mark Thomson, Glenfiddich UK Brand Ambassador

‘I got into whisky because of my family. My grandfather, who recently passed away at 106, had drunk whisky all of his life. Sherry was his other tipple, but I didn’t speak Spanish so the…

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Nikka Japanese Whisky – tasting highlights


Nikka 12

In my previous post, we looked at the history of Japanese Nikka whisky, the realisation of Masataka Taketsuru’s dream. In all, Nikka makes nearly 30 different whiskies from its two distilleries. Having tasted the entire range with brand…

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Malt of the Month – Mortlach Rare Old


Mortlach Rare Old

The launch of the new Mortlach range has been slow-burning. The new whiskies were first announced early in 2014 and finally hit the market in the summer. Since then, they have been rolling out across…

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No more peaty whisky from Islay


Peat. Yesterday.

Fans of Islay whisky should brace themselves for a stormy future. We’ve got our hands on some research that will strike terror into the hearts of peat heads: peat on Islay will run out by…

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Whisky vs whiskey – the differences explained


Whisky or Whiskey?

Ever wondered why distillers can’t agree on one basic thing: how to spell the liquid they make? Take a look at your drinks cupboard now, and it’s likely there’ll be at least one bottle with…

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Nikka Japanese whisky – one man’s dream


Masataka Taketsuru

Japanese whisky has never been more popular, winning awards left, right and centre as well as offering Scotch drinkers an alternative – but not radical departure – in flavour. Recently I met Nikka’s Didier Ghorbanzadeh…

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Upcoming whisky festivals – tickets on sale now!


Upcoming Festivals

March is the month when the UK whisky festival calendar starts up again. From here until October the schedule is pretty full, with shows up and down the country from Bristol to Speyside. As you might expect,…

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