Laphroaig 1997 TWE Exclusive – a steal of a price

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Continuing our Laphroaig theme from yesterday, we’ve got a great TWE exclusive to share – Laphroaig 1997 bottled by Berry Brothers.

However, we also have an admission to make: we’ve been selling it at the wrong price.

Unfortunately, due to some bad calculator work, we’ve had the bottle on the website for £40 less than we should have, and now we’ve noticed we’ve had to put it up to its proper price of £150 – still a lot less than than the €259 one of its sister casks is going for elsewhere

We launched the Laphroaig in December, although there were a few preview bottles on the Berry Bros & Rudd stand at The Whisky Show back in October – it was hailed by many to be the best Laphroaig at the show, occasionally coming second to the now-sold-out show bottling.

Laphroaig 1997 Berry Bros for The Whisky Exchange

Laphroaig 1997, Berry Bros & Rudd. Cask #46, bottled 2015, 53.8% ABV

Nose: Sea spray, beach bonfires and lashings of fruit – lime, mango, pear, passion fruit and maybe even a hint of banana. The fruit sweetness sits under a layer of sharp citrus peel and fresh bandages.

Palate: It starts with a big coastal hit of crashing waves, damp stones and rock pools, and then the fruit arrives. The fruit bowl from the nose backed up by burning logs, coal dust and an unexpectedly rich backbone of vanilla cream.

Finish: Classic Laphroaig medicinal notes lead – iodine and sticking plasters – before liquorice, menthol, leafy tarragon and sweet anise roll-in and fade away.

Comment: A super-fruity Laphroaig with a big kick of the distillery’s traditional medicinal nature, but perfectly balanced with out either taking the upper hand. The smoke is very much in the background, but provides an excellent contrast which adds yet another layer of complexity. A good dram.

We’ve sold most of the Laphroaig 1997 but it’s now back up on the website, and while it’s not the steal of a price it was before, it’s still a very good deal – grab your bottle here.

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