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Bright eyed, bushy tailed and fresh out of uni, Ning has joined TWE in the hopes of learning about booze. Growing up in the middle-of-nowhere in Scotland, whisky (and tea) runs through her veins and she now spends her days in grey London writing about new products and more for the website.

Up-Cycling Your Christmas Drinks Part 5 – Cognac and Calvados

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The holidays are a time of merriment and family, often accompanied by bottles that make their yearly debut, hang around for a couple of days and then return to the drinks cupboard where they wait…

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Up-cycling Your Christmas Drinks Part 4 – Sherry

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For many people, myself included, sherry has a reputation of being a favourite of Grandmas everywhere. Similar to Port, this fortified wine has become known for its sweet flavours and slightly sticky texture, despite the…

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Midleton Very Rare

1 Comment on Midleton Very Rare

One of the most sought-after ranges of Irish whiskey, the Midleton Very Rare series was created in 1984 by master distiller Barry Crockett. Every year, a handful of specially-selected casks are blended together to create…

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The Wonders of Wine

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Wine is one of the most popular drinks in the world, yet with near-endless options (we have more than 1,000 bottles of still and sparkling wine on our site alone) it can be hard to…

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Understanding Cask Sizes

1 Comment on Understanding Cask Sizes

How big is a barrel? Or a hogshead, or a butt? Casks play a big part in the making of some of the most famous wines and spirits in the world, but navigating what they…

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Isle of Arran – Lagg Distillery

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Since it first opened in 1995 the Arran Distilling Co has operated out of its distillery in Lochranza, on the northern coast of the Isle of Arran off Scotland’s south-west coast. As the distillery slowly…

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Empirical Spirits

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When you go to a restaurant the food can have amazing flavours, evoke memories and make you feel a range of emotions, but it’s an experience for you alone. You can’t take it home and…

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Cognac Cocktails

1 Comment on Cognac Cocktails

The reigning King of Cocktails, Cognac made its mark in classics such as the Sidecar and French 75, but there are many more to try. For years bartenders across the world have been putting their…

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A History of Mother’s Day

No Comments on A History of Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day – a day to celebrate the amazing women who do so much for us throughout our lives. Mum, Mummy, Ma, Mama, whatever we call her, she’s such a big part of our lives…

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