Virtual Tastings – July 2020

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While our shop at London Bridge is now open, we’re not quite ready to start running tastings in person yet, so our program of Virtual Tastings continues!

Virtual Tastings

June tastings

June’s line-up of tastings has been a huge hit so far, with gin and whisky makers telling us all about their drinks and a final whisky and chocolate pairing still to go. And don’t forget, you can catch up with all of our Virtual Tastings on Facebook immediately after the live show, and on YouTube shortly after.

Following June was going to be difficult, but we’ve pulled out all the stops and have a great line-up for July.

The July Line-Up

American Whiskey

Thursday 2 July 5.30pm – American Whiskey: with Independence Day a few days away, we’ll be joined by WhiskyCast host Mark Gillespie and three US distillers to taste three very different styles of American whiskey – Eddie Russell from Wild Turkey, Jay Erisman from New Riff and Paul Hletko from FEW.
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BunnahabhainThursday 9 July 5.30pm – Bunnahabhain Islay Single Malt: join me for a dive into Bunnahabhain’s range of whiskies. Perhaps the most versatile distillery on Islay, it hides in the northwest corner of the island and produces a wide range of single malts – we’ll be trying a few of them.
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SugarcaneThursday 16 July 5.30pm – Let’s Talk Sugarcane: The Whisky Exchange team loves rum, and none more so than head buyer Dawn Davies MW. She’ll be joined by a panel of rum experts to taste her way through some of the finest sugar cane juice spirits in the world: Danilo Grenci from Damoiseau, Daniele Biondi from Velier, and Vittorio Capovilla and Alvise Ennas from Capovilla.
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Fever-treeThursday 23 July 5.30pm – Simple Serves with Fever-Tree: tonic water isn’t only for gin! With the recent explosion in the popularity of tonic, the boffins at Fever-Tree have been trying different tonics with a selection of spirits you may not expect. Join Dawn Davies and Fever-Tree’s Craig Harper for a dive into a selection of tasty highballs.
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What’s Next?

Our London Bridge shop is open, and plans are also in progress to open up our Great Portland Street and Covent Garden shops, but we’ll be holding off on organising in-person tastings for a little bit longer. Our August program of tastings is almost finalised and organisation of Whisky Show and Champagne Show continues apace – keep an eye on the show website and here on The Whisky Exchange Blog for more updates.

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Anton R Grashion says:

I’ve got the tasting kit for today’s tasting but no instructions how to access the tasting stream?

Billy says:

They’ll be on their way shortly (if not already) – we normally send the details between midday and 1pm.

Andrew Gudgeon OBE says:

For anyone who finds themselves here, I can wholeheartedly recommend the virtual tasting sessions. I have now done 3: Port Askaig, Whisky and Chocolate, and Bunnahabhain. The experience starts with the arrival of the samples, superbly packaged. A bit of research before the evening adds to the fun, before settling down to an entertaining 60 minutes. Whether a novice or a seasoned whisky drinker there is a lot to learn and a chance to get all your questions answered. I hope to be at many more; a great idea beautifully executed.

Billy says:

Thanks Andrew! I hope to see you again soon 🙂

Andrew Gudgeon says:

Billy, when are the August tasting dates going to be published? Also any news on the Virtual Exhibition

Billy says:

Imminently 🙂 There was a delay with a couple of samples, but they’ll be going live today.

The Virtual Whisky Show went live at the end of last week – you can find details on the Virtual Whisky Show page on the show’s website. I’ll have a blog post up once we have all the details of tastings finalised.

Andrew Gudgeon OBE says:

Billy thanks. Both sets booked. See you on the nights.

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