Press Release 'Trilogy': Richard Paterson Going Cheap

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Whisky press releases.  There are several super-efficient whisky blogs and sites on t’interweb that post them up long before I’ve even read them. However, it has to be said that the vast majority of these releases are profoundly dull, so I normally pick and choose only the particularly noteworthy or exclusive to chat about.

But today I find not one, but three press releases hopping around in my inbox just begging to be commented on.   Cue a trilogy of short but sweet blogposts…

First up is the startling news that Whyte & Mackay are pimping out Richard Paterson for long weekends!  Yes, it seems that any old oligarch finding £20k down the back of the sofa can have an cosy three-day, one-on-one ‘service’ from The Nose himself, who will spend time getting to know the customer (not biblically, obviously) and create a special bottle of whisky based on his resulting insight into their tastes and personality.

Richard Paterson: You don't have to put on the red light

Richard Paterson: You don't have to put on the red light

Now, I’m already on record as an admirer of both RP himself and Whyte & Mackay’s new blitzkrieg PR strategy.  So I have to confess that while I’m cringing at the thought of poor Richard having to hang out with the sort of ghastly, bling-festooned, ignoramuses that will ‘buy’ his services, I’m also insanely jealous of those very same ignoramuses.  It’s likely to be another PR triumph but it’s  just NOT FAIR.

Anyway, the PR release itself is fantastic, so I’m including it below. It’s worth reading for the last line alone:

‘Anyone interested in ‘buying’ Richard Paterson should contact [email protected]

Click to read Richard Paterson For Sale.

Whyte & Mackay, we salute you.

Stay tuned for the next PR release in my Trilogy…



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bgulien says:

When you think, you’ve seen it all, they come up with this one.
Whatever next?
Glen Wonka was not so bad after all!

Pär Caldenby says:

Mark, my first thought exactly. But on the other hand, has not Diageo already done this, with regards to one or other of the many “bespoke” versions of Johnnie Walker (Blue)? I think it was one of their blenders who got that ungrateful job? And as far as wishing wells go, I’d appreciate RP as good company for three days, but would likely prefer Rachel Barrie any day…for her whiskies, obviously.

kallaskander says:

Hi there,

another clue that marketing is taking over the (whisky?) world.

Tim F says:

Cheer up everyone! You all just jealous, same as me 🙂

bgulien says:

Jealous? Tim, think what you can buy for 20.000 !
You can buy a few of the most expensive whiskies on the market, or so inclined, a sh*itload of lesser expensive whiskies. Although if they offered a few days with Rachel Barrie, like Pär suggested, I would be tempted. And of course it’s only for her whiskies. 😉

[…] contrast to Whyte & Mackay’s media-savvy pi$$-taking audaciousness, as discussed in my previous post and here, this press release is rather more of the preachy, hype-driven old school of whisky PR, […]

Willie JJ says:

What exactly is ‘Rachel’s Whiskies’ a euphemism for guys? 🙂

Tim I wouldn’t feel too bad for Richard. A weekend being wined and dined in palatial surroundings might just be better than standing at a stall surrounded by drunks and nerds.

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