New Octomore: First Pics

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This just in from Mark Reynier’s Bruichladdich blog…

Apparently this year’s release was peated to 140ppm before distillation.  Yikes!

New Octomore - same bottle, new box

New Octomore - same bottle, new box

Octomore bottling line

Octomore bottling line

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Jon Pinson says:

But will this edition actually make it to the shelves? That is the question. Having been promised a bottle from 3, yes, 3 well regarded whisky merchants last time round, yet still not owning one, it will be intersting to see what happens. Not a big problem, the Supernova blows its socks off anyway.

Now gents, a little rant if I may. It was interesting to see your new products added today.

A 10yo for £89
3 15yo for £88 each
A non-cask-strength-no more than 14 yo Connemara aged in ultra rare sherry casks for £70?

Rare? I’d hope so.
Interesting? No comment.

Does seem an awful lot of money. I have a little rule of thumb to keep my whiskey spending in check. I take the age, treble it and that is my price limit. For instance, for 15 y.o.s, £45. I do allow a certain flexibility of course, and if something is particularly rare or desirable I will bend the rules. But £90 for a 10 y.o? £90 for a 10 y.o from a not particularly stand out distillery? Hell for £10 more I got a 36 year old Macallan last year.

We seem to have gone from the sublime (The CC Ardbeg for £30 last week) to the ridiculous this.

Martin says:

I agree it is a lot of money for a 10YO.
But what’s the output?

Tim F says:

I hear you, Jon. Without going too much into specifics, all I’ll say is that this is the unfortunate way that things seem to be going these days. I myself was really looking forward to the Connemara but I can’t afford it now, having been to Islay.

The ever-increasing prices for young whiskies are being driven by the producers. They are trying to maintain profits with younger stock as their older stock is depleted.

Now, I’m not involved with setting prices for new products, but I know that at TWE price is driven by a strict formula to cover our costs and leave a sensible margin. That’s why, believe it or not, the three 15 year-old whiskies you mention (Isle of Jura’s Paps) are actually being sold at £12 less than the RRP, which was £100.

It was the same with the Supernova. We could have sold that at full whack (£79.99), but we stuck with the formula and it came out at £73.99. Now it’s online at £100 if you can get it.

Tim F says:

I think the output is 647 bottles, Martin. It’s a single cask at any rate. Bottled for the Scandinavian market, a company called TKS (don’t know anything about them).

Pär Caldenby says:

“TKS” is an abbreviation of “TunnKlappningsSällskapet” (at least that’s what I’ve read off of a bottle of presumably this Ben Nevis). In the Queen’s language, that is “The Cask Patting Society”. Patting, not petting, mind.

Cheers / Pär

Tim F says:

Thanks Pär!!What a great name, I might have to set up my own Cask-Patting Society! Or perhaps a Cask-Petting society?

Martin says:

I’m lucky enough to have a cask in my garage, where i bottle for my self and a few close friends.
If my wife reads this blog she’ll now know what i get up to in there!
My own Cask Petting Society.
“Ya belter” as we say in Glasgow!

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