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New Octomore: First Pics


This just in from Mark Reynier’s Bruichladdich blog… Apparently this year’s release was peated to 140ppm before distillation.  Yikes!

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Islay Festival Day Ten: Aftermath


Day 10:  A Kick In The Ballochs… Bang on 7am and our alarm clock blasts into action, as welcoming a sound as a prize festival bottling smashing on a stone floor and the accompanying ‘yelp’…

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Islay Festival Day Eight: Kilchoman and Bunnahabhain

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A bunch of prize tossers It was another early start on Friday as we had a lot of ground to cover.  First up was a 9.30am tasting at Islay’s newest distillery, Kilchoman, where we were…

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Islay Whisky Festival: Day Three – Bruichladdich

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The weather had improved incredibly after Saturday’s wash out, so onwards to the Bruichladdich open day. Speaking to Jim McEwan the night before, the last 8 years of festivals have remained sunny for the distillery’s…

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Bruichladdich Octomore / Ardbeg Supernova Tasting


To be honest, peating levels shouldn’t be a competition.  “My ppm is bigger than yours” sounds pretty ridiculous however you dress it up.  This sort of thing might be construed as macho willy-waving and not…

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Ardbeg Supernova vs. Bruichladdich's Octomore???


First things first: a hearty hug to my good friend Dr. Whisky, who is marrying his gal K on this coming Burns Night!  Can’t wait to see you guys – but I warn you, this blogger Strips…

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My Whisky Buying Strategy: A Rethink


Apologies for the long delay between posts – we were so busy this Christmas that even though we had taken on several extra staff,  I was still relieved of my normal duties and spent most…

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Bruichladdich X4: Exclusive Picture


An advance press release for the much-debated Bruichladdich X4 white dog – sorry, ‘Islay Spirit’ – has found its way into my inbox, so I thought I should share.  I’ve had to type it out as I…

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To coat or not to coat?


In the comments section of our last post on Octomore, drJarv (who I’m assuming is on the design team for Octomore as he hasn’t denied it yet!) asked for our thoughts on the coated opaque bottle that…

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Exclusive: Octomore & PC 7 Pics!!!


Well, you know it must be coming up to Christmas (Whaaat?!).  Over a month to Halloween yet and the mince pies were already on sale in Sainsbury’s last Sunday.  And suddenly the first few smatterings of…

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