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Bruichladdich X4: Exclusive Picture

6 Comments on Bruichladdich X4: Exclusive Picture

An advance press release for the much-debated Bruichladdich X4 white dog – sorry, ‘Islay Spirit’ – has found its way into my inbox, so I thought I should share.  I’ve had to type it out as I…

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To coat or not to coat?

17 Comments on To coat or not to coat?

In the comments section of our last post on Octomore, drJarv (who I’m assuming is on the design team for Octomore as he hasn’t denied it yet!) asked for our thoughts on the coated opaque bottle that…

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Exclusive: Octomore & PC 7 Pics!!!

15 Comments on Exclusive: Octomore & PC 7 Pics!!!

Well, you know it must be coming up to Christmas (Whaaat?!).  Over a month to Halloween yet and the mince pies were already on sale in Sainsbury’s last Sunday.  And suddenly the first few smatterings of…

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