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Chartreuse – the elixir of silent life


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Chances are you’ve heard of Chartreuse, even if you’ve never tasted it. A staple of many of my generation’s parents’ and grandparents’ drinks cabinets, it’s been referenced in films from Alfred Hitchcock’s The Lady Vanishes to Quentin…

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Getting to grips with grappa


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For something a bit different, we explored grappa for the first time at our latest Vinopolis tasting, ably guided by expert Nick Hopewell-Smith. It’s fair to say grappa has a bad reputation. At the tasting, we unanimously agreed this…

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Merlet C² Liqueurs – explore your fruity side


Merlet C2

Despite the growth of using brown spirits in mixed drinks, Cognac has not benefited to the same degree. The same can be said of liqueurs, with Grand Marnier and Domaine du Canton the only two Cognac-based examples that…

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Vulson White Rhino Rye – Alpine spirit


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Every now and then, a new product arrives at TWE that really excites us – unique, with a great back story, or simply an interesting concept. So, when we heard about the release of a…

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Kummel – calming those first-tee nerves


Mentzendorff Kummel Label

There are many things that work together. Some need no explanation: soap and water, meat and potatoes or fish and chips; some are a little more obscure – Danny DeVito and Arnie, ham and Coca-Cola,…

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Dutch whisky and gin? Tasting the Zuidam range



I’m a big fan of gin.  Some may regard pasta and milk as essential household items, but my house feels empty without a bottle or two of gin in it.  Recently I’ve been playing around…

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Ted Breaux, Jade Liqueurs and the Green Fairy

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I like absinthe. I’ve outed myself as an absinthe fan in public on a number of occasions, and over the years, slowly but surely, it seems that people are coming around to the idea that…

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Tasting AE Dor and Grosperrin Cognac with Ed Bates

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This month’s first tasting down at our Shop was another stepping out of the confines of grain spirits, this time into the world of boiled wine, specifically cognac. We were joined by Mousquetaire d’Armagnac and…

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Rum Tasting: Havana Club Maximo Masterclass

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We were honoured to welcome Meimi Sanchez from Havana Club at a recent tasting in TWE Vinopolis, and Hector from the shop has been good enough to write up the event for TWE Blog –…

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Black Tot Rum Tasting Notes


Something a bit different today: I’m delighted to announce that our sister company Speciality Drinks Ltd has just launched their first proprietary rum brand – it’s called Black Tot, and it’s a bit special. Black…

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