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What is St Patrick’s Day?

St Patrick

St Patrick’s Day approaches – 17 March. It’s a day of celebration, but what is it actually celebrating? We’ve written about St Patrick’s Day for years here on The Whisky Exchange Blog, with tales of…

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Why should you drink whiskey this St Patrick’s Day?

St Patrick’s Day is on Saturday. While it’s generally seen as an excuse to go out for some drinks, for me it’s also the ideal time to try and sneak some Irish whiskey into your…

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St Patrick’s Day drinks – more than Guinness

St Patrick's Day

St Patrick’s Day is the day when Ireland celebrates its patron saint, both a religious and cultural festival. As it approaches, how should you mark the occasion and more importantly, what should you drink? There’s…

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Poteen – the spirit of Saint Patrick’s Day

Making Poitin

Tomorrow is St Patrick’s Day, and while I will inevitably drink a pint of Guinness and a shot of Jameson, I try to spend the day looking at another side of Irish drinks. Last year…

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St Patrick’s Day experiment – a DIY Irish cream recipe

St Patrick’s Day is upon us. I will be hiding in my flat tonight, avoiding streets thronged with green-clad drinkers throwing Guinness at each other as they swap foam shamrock hats and look for the…

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St. Patrick's Day Tasting at Vinopolis with Bushmills

The Whisky Exchange in Vinopolis was treated to a particularly comprehensive vertical tasting of the Bushmills range of Irish whiskeys on Monday 18th March in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day. Leading the tasting was the charming…

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St. Patrick's Day Prize Draw – Win Jameson Rarest Vintage Reserve!

They say that everyone’s got a bit of Irish in them on St. Paddy’s Day.  Statistically, that’s pretty unlikely – despite the diaspora’s best efforts – but it’s a noble ambition nonetheless. Anyway, to celebrate…

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St. Patrick's Day Cooley Irish Whiskey Tasting

We were privileged to have Cooley distillery’s Noel Sweeney conduct a St. Patrick’s Day tasting for us at The Whisky Exchange in Vinopolis, showing off a range of their fine products. We started off with…

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Exclusive Sherry Casks – October Tastings at The Whisky Exchange

Sherry cask tasting

There is an increasingly noticeable nip in the air and the leaves are taking on the deep copper tones of a sherry-cask-aged whisky. Apt then that this is a style of whisky, with their notes…

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Up-cycling your Christmas drinks part 3 – liqueurs

There are certain Christmas bottles that have a bad habit of slowly migrating backwards through the drinks cabinet. They’re excitedly bought and placed at the front of the shelf, ready for a spot of festive…

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The Whisky Exchange Blog Review of 2020

The Whisky Exchange 2020 Roundup

Well. That was definitely a year. But hidden in among the various trials and tribulations of 2020 there were a load of excellent drink-related things, and, optimists that we are here at The Whisky Exchange,…

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The Whisky Exchange Blog Review of 2015

New Year 2015

2015 was as busy as ever, with loads of new drinks appearing on our shelves and more customers than ever before – thank you for making it such a success. It’s now 2016, and that…

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Forest Dry Gin – a gin for all seasons

Forest Dry Gin

Special-edition bottlings are common among spirits producers, but award-winning Belgian sommelier Jurgen Lijcops has gone a stage further by launching Forest Dry Gin, a range of four gins that change with the seasons. We spoke…

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Zuidam Distillers – making world-class rye

Zuidam Millstone Rye

Last year, I received half-a-dozen samples of Dutch rye whisky. They varied considerably, in terms of cask type, age and number of distillations, but what they all had in common was the amazing amount of…

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Irish Distillers tasting – rock the vote

Billy Leighton

‘The public gets what the public wants’ sang Paul Weller in 1980’s Going Underground. We agree, so at our latest tasting at Vinopolis we gave our customers a chance to choose a special Irish whiskey…

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Malt of the Month – Bushmills 1608

Bushmills 1608

For drinks fans, March has three big days: Mother’s Day: a time for buying your mum something tasty St Patrick’s Day: a time for focusing on tasty things from the Emerald Isle my birthday: a…

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Dutch whisky and gin? Tasting the Zuidam range


I’m a big fan of gin.  Some may regard pasta and milk as essential household items, but my house feels empty without a bottle or two of gin in it.  Recently I’ve been playing around…

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Irish Coffee Done Properly with Teeling Irish Whiskey

Other than whisky (And beer. And vermouth. And noodles. And Lego) one of the biggest loves of my life is coffee. I have a hand grinder that I imported from Japan (well, bought from a…

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