Champagne – the perfect Valentine’s Day gift

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Valentine's Day ChampagnesValentine’s Day is not far away, and if you haven’t picked a romantic gift yet, don’t worry. Champagne is one of the safest options – I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t appreciate a glass of good fizz – and we have a great selection.

We’ll be covering the world of Champagne in more detail on the blog this year, with in-depth guides covering how Champagne is made, which foods to serve with it and much more – let us know if there’s anything in particular you want to know. In the meantime, take a look at our top tips below and Happy Valentine’s Day!

Top 10 Champagnes for Valentine’s Day


Champagne can be aged for a long time, especially certain vintage Champagnes, many of which can be kept for decades. Non Vintage brut styles are often best drunk within three years of purchase, but some can be aged for longer.  If you are not sure when to drink your bubbles consult the experts – there is often advice online on when to drink different vintages. If you are storing Champagne make sure you keep it flat, in a cool, dark area.


It might sound obvious, but Champagne tastes best when it’s chilled. However, overchilling anything is never a good idea as it masks flavours, so we’d recommend taking good Champagne out of the fridge half-an-hour or so before you intend to drink it. In fact, as the Champagne warms up gradually, you’re likely to notice that your second glass will ‘open up’ and have much more flavour than the first.

When it comes to glasses there are two schools of thought. The traditional Champagne glass is the flute: a tall, narrow glass designed to prevent bubbles from escaping, and keeping your fizz fizzy for as long as possible but often are not wide enough to get enough of the aroma.

The other option is the coupe a wider, flatter design, and not, as the popular tale goes, modelled on the shape of Marie Antoinette’s breast. The coupe’s shape is not effective in trapping bubbles; it is too wide to allow you to fully appreciate the aromas of the Champagne, so for me is not a good option. More and more restaurants and serving Champage in wine glasses as it gives you the best of both worlds – keeping the bubbles in and allowing the wine to breathe, therefore maximising the aromas.

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