The Perfect Measure to share – whisky with friends

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When it comes to drinking whisky, one of the greatest pleasures is sharing a dram. While there is joy in solitary sipping, teasing apart the flavours in a glass with others adds another level to the enjoyment of whisky. There are few other drinks where enthusiasts so regularly meet up to share bottles.

We organise regular tastings here in London, but that’s not all that helpful for folks who live farther afield. So, we are very pleased to introduce The Perfect Measure Tasting Sets:

A range of tasting sets put together by our team here at The Whisky Exchange, each examining a different aspect of the world of whisky, from cask influence to pairing drams with chocolate. The samples in the sets are 30ml, just the right size for a couple of drams as part of a tasting – the perfect measure to share, or come back to for a second taste…

Each box consists of the whiskies and any paired goodies, as well as a glass and a set of tasting notes written by me and the team to get you started. We’ve got five sets available at the moment but are already planning more – if you have any suggestions, let us know in the comments below.

The Perfect Measure Chocolate Pairing

The Perfect Measure chocolate pairing set – four drams and four matched bars of chocolate

So far, our selection consists of:

Whisky and Chocolate – four drams from around Scotland each paired with a bar of chocolate from Prestat.

Around the World – five drams covering a wide range of styles: bourbon, Indian peated, sherried Taiwanese, bourbon-matured English and weighty Japanese whisky.

Cask Expressions – the oak maketh the dram for these five whiskies: bourbon, PX, oloroso, Sauternes and port cask maturation.

Tour of Scotland – the traditional whisky regions are a great place to start an exploration of Scotland, and this set includes drams from the Lowlands, Highlands, Speyside, Islands and Islay.

30 Year Old Whisky – while age doesn’t make a whisky great, there are some great old whiskies. This set rounds up four fantastic 30-year-olds and one 35-year-old for good measure.

This is just the start of a whole new range, so keep an eye on the website for more in the new year.

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