Great news for customers from Germany and Sweden…

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Two bits of good news today, but in short:

  1. We are now delivering to Germany again
  2. Orders to Germany and Sweden will only get charged local duty – ie. they’re now even cheaper than before

Hooray for LOLcats

Since we had to stop sending orders to Germany four months ago we have been looking for ways to legally start doing so again. We are happy to announce that having successfully negotiated the trials and tribulations of European bureaucracy we are now registered to sell in Germany and can start sending parcels again.

On top of that, as registered retailers we’ve been able to fix it so that orders to Sweden and Germany will only be charged local taxes – not UK duty or VAT – which means that everything will now be cheaper than it was before for customers in these countries.

As an extra added bonus, and as a Thank You for your patience while we waded through the paperwork, we’re going to be putting a free gift in with every order from Sweden and Germany until July 10th.

What this now means is that we are one of the only whisky retailers in the UK who are properly registered and pay local taxes on orders to Germany and Sweden. This means that there won’t be extra duty to pay if your parcel gets stopped at customs and that our prices are now some of the most competitive in Europe. Which is rather nice.

Thanks to Matt Herzber on Flickr for CC licensing his victorious cat.

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Gal says:

Next project billy : Ship to Israel 😉


Patrick says:

the bureaucracy in the EU is simply astonishing…

Christian says:


just recieved my shippment and the nice extra 🙂

Cheers and just in time when the followers of the Hoff were thinking to invade, lol

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