The Whisky Exchange Shipping to Sweden!

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Helan går till Sverige!

The Whisky Exchange is delighted to announce that we are now able to ship to Sweden!

As far as we are aware, TWE is the first – and only – online retailer to register with the Swedish tax authorities for duty and VAT on alcoholic products.  This means that our Swedish fans can now order whisky from TWE and pay the correct tax and duty online, knowing that their orders will be despatched and delivered safely and legally with no danger of delays, confiscation or extra charges to pay.

Lalala, we are shipping to Sweden

This is how it works:

  •  In the checkout area after you have chosen your products, you will be asked to select your country.
  • When you select ‘Sweden’, two extra lines will appear in your basket showing the Swedish duty and VAT.
  • You can click on the question-mark icon beside each of these lines to see a breakdown of how much you are paying for each item in your order.
  • You can then continue with the checkout process as normal.
  • When you reach the final checkout page you will be asked to enter your Personal Identity Number (Personnummer).  This is a requirement by the Swedish government to confirm that you are at least twenty years of age.  This number is used by us only to verify your age.
  • Now you can sit back in full confidence and wait for your lovely whisky to arrive!
  • Don’t forget, if you are a business customer registered for Swedish VAT and the whisky is a business expense you can claim back all the VAT from the Swedish government!

The Whisky Exchange would like to welcome all of our Swedish friends and wish them many happy hours of surfing and safe, secure, worry-free ordering.  Skål!



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Hopefully, Israel is next 🙂

Torgeir says:

Does this mean that there is hope for us Norwegians as well?
Having the same retail system as the swedes, that is

InkRose says:

Very good news for those damned Swedes. As if they weren’t smug enough as it is! 😉

Since the Nordic countries seem to be ‘happening’ right now, what say you folks get in touch with the Finnish officials as well. I doubt they can be bothered to bring up the subject themselves, as we’re very much stuck in the dark ages as far as spirits are concerned. Even more draconian than Sweden, it seems!

But as I’m sure you’ve got a fair number of Finnish clients as it is, you’d probably have rather more of us if we were legally allowed to do more than (browser) window shopping.

Just a (wishful) thought.

Mrblack says:

By, by TWE

You will lost most of the customers in Sweden!!!!

Tim F says:

Mrblack, I’m not sure how we can lose something we didn’t have, but apologies if you don’t like it. Thankfully, we have had a lot of messages of support and a number of Swedish orders already since the system went live.

gal says:

when do u plan on shipping to Israel?
the holy land is longing for quality malts!

Mr Malt says:

Nice,that we can order again.Even better for our clubs.Do anny one know how mutch we can order?Before it vas 10 litres legally,now when we pay tax can we order moore than that?

Sven says:

I think this is a great idea – finally we can enjoy fine malts like the rest of the world!

Steve says:

Those lucky Swedes! Agree with InkRose – it would be fantastic to see the same sort of arrangement in place for Finland!

My folks back in Scotland are beginning to suspect I only visit so I can pick up a bottle or two…

Nick Matyas says:

This post is very nice!

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