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The 11th month is here and with it comes the time of Movember. A season of moustache growing, the awareness of parts of gentlemen’s bodies that we don’t generally think enough about and a bit of charity fund raising. At TWE there are a couple of things we are doing for Movember:

Firstly, there are a bunch of us joining in and growing moustaches. I have shaved off my normally luxuriant beard and moustache for a month of cold faced contemplation, and a bunch of the folks down in our shop will be cultivating hairy facial adornments. I thoroughly encourage all of you to pop down to Vinopolis to have a laugh at an admire of Wing Commander Quirk’s RAF influenced top lip.

Secondly, we’re doing our bit for the cause online. We’ve put together a number of whisky and moustache matches (coming up with those was a rather surreal evening) and will be donating 5% of the price of all the whiskies featured on that page to Movember.

In the meantime I will invest in scarves and avoid mirrors that will show me how small my chin is as well as how big my ‘auxiliary’ chin has grown…

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Tim F says:

Sorry Gal, but Mrs F has put her foot down: her birthday is at the end of Movember and my facial hair distresses her too much 🙂

Toby Quirk (TWE Shop) says:

Tally Ho,
Duncan ‘The Albatross’ Ross and myself will do our best on the eastern shop front. A few more better halves are putting their feet down and banning our work force from a warm upper lip this year.
Silk cravates are at the ready …..

Chocks Away

WC Quirk

Duncan Ross says:

Biker this year.

[…] Billy refused to as it was too cold last year [Ed – that not true at all. In fact it's because I don't have a chin and look like an idiot when shorn. Well, more of an idiot than usual]. It’s something I’ve been wanting to do […]

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