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OK, first an apology – it’s been so sublimely hectic here at TWE Towers over the last two months that I’ve not had time to sit down and write a proper blog for ages.  As I write I’ve just uploaded the last of over 550 new products that have whizzed past my desk since 1st November to our New Products Page, and am sitting here with a glass of something very special waiting for the taxis to come and take us to the epic TWE Christmas Party where we can all let off a bit of well-deserved steam.

So, I just wanted to say a massive THANK YOU to all our readers and subscribers, as well as TWE’s loyal customers, of course, and to wish you all a safe and joyful festive season – have fun, and in all seriousness don’t drink too much: it’s not big or clever.  Drink less but better – treat yourself to something special that you weren’t going to open.

Coming soon after the Christmas break: a review of the year just gone, including the inaugural TWE Blog awards!!  These will be something of a departure from the usual boring Best Whisky stuff everyone else does: categories will include Most Innovative Product Launch, Best Cocktail, Most Preposterous Tasting Note, Most Self-Important Blogger, Lamest PR Fail and, of course, The Glen Wonka Cubic Zirconia-Encrusted Trophy for Most Grandiose Liquid On The Planet.

Nominations for any of the above and suggestions for further categories are, of course, most welcome in the comments section.






Rick Furzer says:

How about most ridiculous advert? OK so it’s a subset of PR fail but we’ve been seeing them for so long they really deserve their own category. I am thinking about a picture of a whisky in an old school straight crystal whisky glass with a couple of ice cubes (wtf?)with something broody and Scottish as a background and some sort of heroic crap nonsense in print telling you why the whisky is great/you’re great for choosing the whisky/Scotland is great and your great for choosing this great whisky (actually I quite like that) …. you know the kind of thing I am on about.

Hey Tim! hope you had a great Christmas- here’s to a prosperous New Year for the blog and TWE. The awards sound fantastic. May I offer a couple of suggestions!

Best Cocktail… 69 Colebrooke Row’s Liquorice Whisky Sour… a bittersweet perfection of flavours. Either that or Purl’s innovative ‘Mr Hyde’s Fixer Upper’ – Ron Zacapa rum, homemade cola and orange bitters, served in a Lapsang injected, wax sealed poison bottle and chilled with dry ice. Basically a deconstructed Rum ‘n Coke!

Most Preposterous Tasting Note: Whilst not strictly from this year, Ardbeg Single Cask 1190…. Can the presence of ‘Tonka Beans’ be detected?? Truly preposterous.

Lamest PR Fail: i’ll leave that up to you, but a certain ‘securely locked box’ springs to mind… 😉

Have a great year and here’s to 2011.


I just love the idea of the most outrageously stupid tasting note – Tonka Beans is good, but my favourite was a set of SMWS notes in the mid 90’s for a certain Islay distillery (begins with a C) of Barbecued Wild Cat! can you believe. I do have to go on and say some of the names for the expressions of malt are getting a little pretentious to – so well done for the award and do poke some fun.

Seriously, thanks for all your hard work in getting our crucial Xmas supplies out to us in what must have been very difficult circumstances

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