Last orders, please: UK delivery deadline

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Not sure what to get for Christmas? Join the club. Because of the buffer of a non-working day between now and Christmas on Sunday, I’ve tricked myself into thinking I’ve got a hold on my Christmas shopping this year, when actually I’ve still got a handful of family members to buy for. For many, the task of Christmas shopping has still not sunk in and it’s our duty to remind you that our UK Standard Delivery ends at 5pm on Thursday 22 December. So, last orders, please! If you are still missing a gift for that impossible somebody, here are some simple ideas:

1. E-Gift Card

Particularly handy for those of you on who realise on Christmas Eve as you count the chairs for Christmas lunch that you have forgotten somebody’s gift. Don’t panic; our e-Gift card can save you the embarrassment and they’ll be none the wiser.

2. Mountain Vodka

It was almost impossible to have a conversation about television in 2016 without Game Of Thrones coming up, which is fair enough because it’s a great show. So if you know any fans coming round this year, Mountain Vodka is the perfect gift as its made by…yep, you guessed, it The Mountain himself. He’s quite involved in the project, as his latest video shows:

3. Miniatures

Miniatures and samples are great. I use them all the time to experiment and sample different regions or producers I want to try before buying a full bottle. Also, they are pretty much ready-made to fit into a stocking…

4. Books

The Christmas staple. We’ve got more than 90 books you can buy on our website, including the outstanding travel-memoir Raw Spirit by Iain Banks which follows him around Scotland as he searches for the perfect whisky.

Raw Spirit

5. Decanters

The only thing more attractive than a bottle of Scotch on the Christmas table is a crystal decanter filled with a mahogany-coloured whisky just waiting to be transferred into tumblers. We’ve got plenty of that as well!

Whatever you choose, remember that if you’re in the UK, you need to order by 5pm on Thursday 22 December. For more information, please click here.


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