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Should Eggnog Be Aged?

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Aged Eggnog

or; Project Nog – Phase Two: Unravelling The Mysteries of Time Part one of our eggnog adventures appeared previously – What booze works best in eggnog? Always asking the important questions, we are. The most…

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What booze works best in eggnog?

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or; Project Nog: Into A Dairy Sea There comes a point in everyone’s life – or so it seems to us here at The Whisky Exchange editorial department – when we (they? One?) must look…

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More from Cognac – The Not Quite So Big Three

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The Cognac business is a strange one. It is dominated by the Big Four – Hennessy, Rémy Martin, Martell and Courvoisier – but there are hundreds of producers in the region. Cognac is built around…

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Cognac – a beginner’s guide

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With The Cognac Show just around the corner, we’ve been investigating France’s most famous spirit. But what is Cognac, where is it made and how do they make it? The region Cognac is the name…

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Cognac – perfect for summer!

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Hine cocktail

Last month, I finally got the chance to visit the Cognac region in France. My destination? Hine. Although I’d seen pictures of this tiny part of south-west France before, nothing prepared me for the beauty of Jarnac, the…

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Five ways to get the most from Cognac

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The Whisky Exchange Cognac tasting

Cognac expert Michelle Brachet came to our London shop on a mission to convert people to the wonders of this classy spirit. After wowing guests with her choices, it appears she succeeded. And if you…

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