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Virtual Tastings – August 2020

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Summer’s in full swing and our virtual tasting program continues with some appropriately late-summer sessions. Summer-sipping July has been great for tastings, with everything from American whiskeys for Independence Day and oily Islay drams, to…

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The Negroni

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There’s only one thing I like more than an excuse to drink some gin: an excuse to drink a Negroni. Time to do some research… What is a Negroni? View this post on Instagram A…

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How to drink: Vermouth

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How to drink Vermouth

Every year, there are a few drinks that bartenders and writers fall in love with. Folks like me run around telling everyone how great they are and sometimes, unfortunately, people listen – we’re still apologising…

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What is vermouth?

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Negroni Cocktail

Vermouth. The blog that literally tens of you have been waiting for. As we learned last time, vermouth is a type of aromatised wine – which, to be honest, doesn’t sound very sexy. In fact,…

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How to survive the Christmas season

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TWE Christmas

Christmas is a time to relax and enjoy a well-earned rest, accompanied by delicious food and drink. It’s also a time for festive parties and friends popping round at a moment’s notice, so it’s important…

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Euro 2016 – five great match-ups

7 Comments on Euro 2016 – five great match-ups

Flag of France

Euro 2016 is under way and if the weekend’s games are a guide, we’re in for a great tournament. Here at TWE, we may not be football experts, but we do know a thing or…

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Vermouth – not just for bartenders

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Vermouth is a drink that’s definitely on the rise. For years it’s been relegated to the sorry state of being ‘just’ a cocktail ingredient, but more recently there’s been a resurgence in vermouth being appreciated…

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Vermouth tasting – a bittersweet symphony

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Manhattan cocktail

Vermouth has long been the secret weapon of a good bartender. They know that a dash can transform a cocktail, adding complexity and depth, as well as a refreshing, bittersweet character. Vermouth’s other strong suit…

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Futurist Cocktails

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Fortunato Depero – Campari

Italy at the turn of the 20th century was a strange place. Having become a unified country in the middle of the 1800s, the new state had changed a lot, but was still steeped in tradition,…

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Spirit and Whisky of the Year 2014-15

8 Comments on Spirit and Whisky of the Year 2014-15

Spirit and Whisky of the Year 2014-15

It’s strange how quickly something becomes a yearly tradition. It’s only the second time we’ve given our Whisky and Spirit of the Year awards, but it already feels like a festive fixture. The core idea…

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Summer Spirits and Cocktails at TWE Vinopolis

4 Comments on Summer Spirits and Cocktails at TWE Vinopolis

While most of the masterclasses at our London shop are focused on the world of whisky, we do like to do something a little different from time to time. With summer most definitely in the…

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2 Comments on Cocchi?

Despite our name we’re not all about whisky here at TWE. I’ll admit that we all rather like the odd dram, but we’re nothing if not versatile drinkers. I’m a big fan of gin in…

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