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Christmas Novelties

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Christmas Novelties

Ahhh, Christmas: a time for family, food, good cheer and annoying singing Santa… ornaments? Are they ornamental? Are they toys? Singing Santas, anyway. And somehow all the silliness only contributes to the overall atmosphere of…

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My First Whisky Show

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Last weekend marked The Whisky Exchange’s 10th annual Whisky Show. I went along for, rather shamefully, the first time – and had my preconceptions utterly annihilated. The first – perhaps point-of-this-post-defeating – statement I’d like…

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National Rum Day – a Caribbean cruise

7 Comments on National Rum Day – a Caribbean cruise

National Rum Day

This Sunday (16 August) is National Rum Day. Placed slap bang in the middle of summer, it’s the perfect time to try some rum cocktails. We’ve created a shiny page with three of our favourites:…

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