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Giants of Cognac – The Big Four

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Cognac - the Big Four

With The Cognac Show rapidly approaching, we’re digging further into the world of Cognac. While there are hundreds of producers in the region – we have more than 80 in our A-Z of Cognac –…

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Cognac – a beginner’s guide

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With The Cognac Show just around the corner, we’ve been investigating France’s most famous spirit. But what is Cognac, where is it made and how do they make it? The region Cognac is the name…

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Armagnac – the original craft spirit

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Poor old Armagnac. It’s frequently in the shadows of its blingier cousin, Cognac, which outsells it by 15 bottles to one, even though Armagnac has a longer history. It’s a fabulous spirit, loaded with character,…

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The 10 Best Cognac and Armagnac Cocktails

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Cognac grapes

Cognac and Armagnac are the most revered brandies in the world, famed for their elegance and luxury. They both hail from south-west France, and each has a slightly different distilling method, yet both carry sweet,…

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Christmas gift packs – the Grinch’s choice

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Perfect Gifts for Christmas

I’ll be honest. Christmas is my least enjoyable time of year. It’s cold, dark for two-thirds of the day, and my favourite TV programmes are on at different times, ruining my routine – I’m the Grinch of the office….

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