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The Geography of Rum

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Or; Exploring Rum – X Marks the Tot Given its hugely diverse nature – in terms of flavour, geography and production methods – rum has, over the years, proven notoriously difficult to classify, regulate and,…

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Havana Club 7 – a Cuban revolution

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Havana Club

Havana Club is one of the biggest-selling rums in the world, and they’ve earned their spot at the top. They can trace their rum-production pedigree back over 130 years, and in that time they’ve seen revolution,…

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Rum Tasting: Havana Club Maximo Masterclass

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We were honoured to welcome Meimi Sanchez from Havana Club at a recent tasting in TWE Vinopolis, and Hector from the shop has been good enough to write up the event for TWE Blog –…

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