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Sherry Cocktails – Lower Your ABV

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Dropping the spirits from your Friday night cocktail, doesn’t have to mean compromising on flavour. Fortified wines deliver complexity in the same way spirits do without the alcoholic heft. Sherry in particular, with its flavour…

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The 5 best fortified wines to drink this Christmas

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Fortified wines for Christmas

Fortified wines are one of life’s true delights, offering a world of flavours between tart citrus and fruity caramel sweetness, delivering a sipping alcohol without packing the punch of boozy spirits. It’s this lack of…

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Merry Christmas from The Whisky Exchange

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Merry Christmas!

After 12 months of sensible, serious whisky chat, we thought it was time for the TWE blog team to let our hair down – although, judging by the pic, we might struggle with that one….

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