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Born to a father in the wine trade, Leonora was introduced to the drinks industry at an early age and spent many a school holiday wandering around the vineyards of the Mosel Valley. She carried on the family tradition, moving into the world of drinks PR before joining The Whisky Exchange at the beginning of 2017.

Five must-try Cognacs

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I’m sure you’ve all heard of the big four Cognac houses – Martell, Rémy Martin, Hennessy and Courvoisier – but what about the other 271? With so much diversity on offer, Cognac is the perfect…

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Whisky and food pairing guide: cupcakes

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When you think of food and whisky pairings, cheese, chocolate and meat may come to mind, but cupcakes? Elements of Islay international brand ambassador Mariella Romano hosted a whisky and cupcake evening for our Covent…

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