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Up-cycling Your Christmas Drinks Part 1 – Vermouth

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We’re on a mission to help you find tasty uses for all those bottles which might otherwise languish untouched after the anything-goes imbibing of the festive season. Remember: drinks are for life, not just for Christmas. 

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What is vermouth?

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Negroni Cocktail

Vermouth. The blog that literally tens of you have been waiting for. As we learned last time, vermouth is a type of aromatised wine – which, to be honest, doesn’t sound very sexy. In fact,…

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What are aromatised wines?

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Ever sat in front of a Martini and wondered what, exactly, is vermouth? (aside from something that shouldn’t get anywhere near your Martini, obviously). Ask, and someone will probably tell you that it’s an aromatised…

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