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National Tequila Day 2015 – Batanga!

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The earth has made another circuit around the sun. In my usually rainy bit of it, it’s been hot, and atmosphere-wise we’re about as close we’re going to get to Mexico. As such, it is fitting…

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Summer Spirits and Cocktails at TWE Vinopolis

4 Comments on Summer Spirits and Cocktails at TWE Vinopolis

While most of the masterclasses at our London shop are focused on the world of whisky, we do like to do something a little different from time to time. With summer most definitely in the…

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¡National Tequila Day!

10 Comments on ¡National Tequila Day!

National Tequila Day

Pretty much every day of the year is (Inter)national X day for a variety of values of X, from pillow fights to mine awareness and osteoperosis to gin. Somewhere hidden in that range is Tequila and…

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Cinco de Mayo at TWE Vinopolis

1 Comment on Cinco de Mayo at TWE Vinopolis

Most of my blog posts recently seem to have started off with a “there are other spirits in the world that aren’t whisky” type of sentiment, which is getting a bit long in the tooth….

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