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The Negroni

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There’s only one thing I like more than an excuse to drink some gin: an excuse to drink a Negroni. Time to do some research… What is a Negroni? View this post on Instagram A…

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How to drink: Cognac

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How To Drink Cognac

With The Cognac Show starting on Friday, there’s one final step in my Cognac education I need to share: how to drink the stuff… Fortunately, I’ve had expert tuition from Whisky Exchange buyer Dawn Davies…

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Anti-Valentine’s cocktails – don’t think pink

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Strawberry Daiquiri

Not everyone likes sweet, pink and fizzy. Hallmark certainly isn’t my idea of a romantic sentiment, and it’s OK if it’s not yours, either. But it does make Valentine’s Day a tricky one to celebrate…

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Campari – an Italian classic

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Campari is one of the most iconic of Italian drinks. Its popularity has waned in the UK over the past couple of decades, but with the current cocktail renaissance slowly spreading out across the country,…

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