Quiz of the Year 2017 – the answers

All the questions and answers to our 2017 Quiz of the Year…

Question 1

Name the former distillery manager

Answer: Jim McEwan, James to his friends.


Question 2

Which Macallan does Daniel Craig drink whilst starring as James Bond in Skyfall?

Answer: A 1962 vintage from the Fine & Rare range.


Question 3

Which whisky distillery holds a Royal Warrant, and who are they ‘by appointment to’?

Answer: Laphroaig, by appointment to Charles, Prince of Wales.


Question 4

Name the song and artist

Answer: Campbeltown Loch by Andy Stewart.


Question 5

How many stills are used in Springbank’s complex distillation process?

Answer: three


Question 6

What name is commonly given to the waste liquid left in a wash still after distillation?

Answer: Pot ale.


Question 7

What is the name of the single malt whisky produced at Pradlo distillery in the Czech Republic?

Answer: Hammer Head


Question 8

Which distillery houses these stills?

Secret stills

Answer: Old Pulteney


Question 9

Which Indian whisky became the biggest-selling spirit in the world in 2014, replacing Smirnoff vodka?

Answer: Officer’s Choice


Question 10

The Girvan grain distillery in Ayrshire was once home to which closed single malt distillery?

Answer: Ladyburn, sometimes bottled under the name Rare Ayrshire.


Question 11

Who is this?

Mystery Man

Answer: Jim Murray, author of the yearly Whisky Bible.


Question 12

Which family has been associated with the Springbank distillery since it was founded in 1828?

Answer: The Mitchell Family