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Red Spot – top of the spots

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Red Spot

Ireland’s whiskey history is one of the cornerstones of the world’s whisky story. Along with the USA and Scotland, the country’s traditions have informed whisky making around the globe. Success goes in waves, and Ireland…

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Gin: How to drink it

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Hendrick's Orbium

With the rise of gin has come something a little less expected: a whole host of new ways to drink it. Well, I say new, but folks were drinking gin well before tonic water was…

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A History of Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day – a day to celebrate the amazing women who do so much for us throughout our lives. Mum, Mummy, Ma, Mama, whatever we call her, she’s such a big part of our lives…

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We need to stop gender stereotyping drinks

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The history of drinks is the history of humanity. As our ancestors were making the arduous climb out of the primordial swamp, there was probably some spark of thought, deep within their nascent souls, that…

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Nine Irish distillers you should know

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The past few years have seen lots of new Irish whiskies hit the market. Thanks to the increase in popularity and the success of the new releases, there are now as many as 50 distilleries…

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What is Irish Whiskey?

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Over the past decade, Irish whiskey has become huge. A drink with a long history, its popularity declined through the 20th century but it is now having a renaissance. Not only can you find it…

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