Bourbon Competition: Keep 'Em Coming!

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Well, I have to say a big thank you for all your entries into our Bourbon Competition!

We’ve been inundated with suggestions over the last week.  I stopped counting after the first couple of hundred, but the Word document that I carefully cut and paste the names into is on its 17th page –  by my guess, that makes something like 650 ideas, which it’s fair to say is rather more than we were expected.   Thank You!!

Gold stars, especially, to Mike F and Angus who between them have contributed about 15-20% of that total.  However, I’m afraid that it has to be said that the vast majority of suggestions so far have been not quite suitable  – and SDL are a bunch of picky SOB’s anyway, so they’ve rejected everything so far.  The good news is that this means you can still win, so get back to the drawing board and send more entries in!!

Polished Mockery - that's a good name for a Bourbon!

Polished Mockery - that's a good name for a Bourbon!

First of all, though, very importantly – read the rules again.  Also, please no more entries mentioning bluegrass – it’s already owned by someone else.

Let me explain now that anything with words like ‘Whoremaster’ or ‘Hooker’ is highly unlikely to be selected, while it’s a very tough battle for the wooden spoon at present.  I’ve got my fingers crossed that ‘Schizophrenic Drifter’ and ‘Suspicious Clearing’ were intended to be tongue in cheek (I won’t name names to protect the guilty, but you know who you are).

Pick it up, people, there’s £500 TWE credit up for grabs here!
Have a good weekend,

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